Drive Thru

Hey there and welcome to this week’s brand new rearstable show. You know full well that we have the best guys getting to party hard and this scene here is no different. There’s a pair of guys getting down and dirty and rest assured that you just have to experience their scene here today. The story goes that this client was unsatisfied with his drive thru service and he was asked to go complain to the chef. And by the looks of this little preview here, you can see that he had quite a lot on his mind to say. Let’s watch this amazing rear stable scene unfold and you can see the guy forwarding his complaints straight to the chef’s tight ass today for the whole scene!

Well anyway, it was’t during the day where the place would be at it’s most busy. No, this happened later during the evening when the place closed down and the guys could have privacy. So yeah, you can see some clothes flying off quickly as well and when the two guys are fully naked, the chef is on his back on the counter and spreading his legs for his “client”. Of course after he got to suck on his meat as well to make sure that he was rock hard. Well either way, the two guys had lots and lots of fun with one another here today and you just have to see them getting to play with each other! We’ll be back next week with another new and fresh rearstable scene for you!


Check out this guy getting his ass pounded!