Dick Moves

Hey there again everyone and welcome once more to rearstable and the plethora of hot gay studs that we get to show off to you while they get to play with one another in a very very kinky way for the whole afternoon here. The two guys in this one had their time to spend in the storage area of the place where they work and as you can see it seems to be a delivery company. They were repairing the packaging on a box that was apparently delivering dildos and they suddenly got horny. So you get to watch them snatch a few toys out to test them and as you can see in this amazing and hot rears table scene they get to fuck one another anally while at it as well!

Well either way, you all get to see just what goes down in this one and rest assured that it’s truly a must see, since the two guys here were extra horny and eager to do some proper fucking with one another. As they get started, clothes start to fly off fast and it looks like they are all set to get to start playing naughty too. Once some touchy feely style of foreplay gets done, watch the blonde guy take a dildo in his mouth and meanwhile his buddy gets to bend him over and starts to take him from behind today. Just watch the guy moan loudly as he gets to be fucked doggie style and enjoy the view of it all. We’ll return with more rearstable really soon so just stay tuned!


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