Erectus – Rearstable

You came back at just the right time to check out our brand new and hot rearstable scene here everyone. It’s a great show with two guys doing a bit of cosplay as it were. Or rather they get to have a themed fuck here. They take the role of two gladiators that want to get down and dirty after practice and you can see how our two prize fighters like to play with each other in private as it were. So yeah, enjoy the role play scene with the two as they get dressed in old greek style clothes and you can see them have a blast with the new rear stable scene here. You just have to see them getting to suck each other off and fuck one another for the whole gallery here!


Well one of them had to truly be on the receiving end and when that’s decided, he gets on his knees properly and you get to watch as he whips out the other’s cock. He starts to suck on it nice and passionately and you simply must see his eager lips working that shaft with a passion rarely seen before too. The guy makes sure that the dick is diamond hard and when he gets done with the whole thing, you can see him spread his butt cheeks too to get a nice and hard dicking as well. We bet that you will enjoy this one and you can fully expect to see these two play again in the future as well. Meanwhile we’ll see you next week with another new update!

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